About us


Carmel Polytechnic College was established in 1958 by Very Rev. Fr.Gilbert Palakunnel CMI, and is managed by CMI Fathers- a priestly order reputed for their contributions in the field of education and healthcare. The institution draws spiritual inspiration from BLESSED KURIAKOSE ELIAS CHAVARA. Ever since its inception the college has been striving for realizing the CMI VISION OF EDUCATION, of achieving Holistic Excellence through the synergy of all factors.

Carmel Alumni Association is dedicated to serving the carmel polytechnic college and its divers alumni, students and friends. The Alumni Association is a membership organization that connect alumni, students and friends through communications, activities, programs and services. The association develops and supports volunteer leadership and provides life long learning opportunities.

The association assistant in the employment recruitment, supports the development of resources and engages in activities to enhance the skill of alumni.

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