Eligibility for Admission

  1. All candidates, who have passed SSLC/THSLC or any examination, declared equivalent thereto with eligibility for admission to Higher Secondary Course of Kerala, subject to the following conditions can apply for admission to the polytechnic Colleges.
  1. The candidate should be o citizen of India of Kerala origin.

Note: A non-Keralite citizen of lndia who is the son/daughter of a Central Govt/State Govt./ Quasi Govt. organization. Employee working in Kerala shall also be eligible for seeking admission to the  Polytechnic College.

  1. Those who have availed of more than two chances for passing the qualifying examination are not eligible for admission. Appearance for “betterment” and “SAY” examination will not be considered as a separate chance for this purpose. ln the case of candidates. who have passed the qualifying examination in the second chance, 5(five) score will be reduced from the Total Grade value for determining their rank for effecting admission.


(1) For CBSE/ICSE candidates, the marks obtained in Science will be considered for calculating the grade in ihe place of Physics and Chemistry.

(2) CBSE candidates, who have passed the Xth examinations conducted by their schools, are not eligible. Only the certificate of Board Examinations shall be accepted as qualifying certificate.

(3) For Candidates who have passed the qualifying examination under old scheme, marks will be converted to 9-point absolute scale grade.

* The differently abled candidates should be physically fit for undergoing the course of study in polytechnic College. The candidates should produce a Medical Fitness Certificate of the time of admission

General Information

Students applying for Self-Financing Courses have to submit ONLINE application to Govt. seats in Self Financing Courses and the copy of the ONLINE application submitted should be attached with the application for management seats. Nine seats per branch under Government Seats in Self Financing Courses ore reserved for students belonging to Syro-Malabar Catholic Community.

  1. Students/parents are directed to go through the Prospectus for admission to the Polytechnic colleges 2018-19 issued by The Director of Technical Education, before applying to the Self-Financing Courses.
  2. Eligible for admission shall be strictly as per Govt. norms. For admission for seats under Govt. Merit Quota (30 seats per branch) reservation policy of the Govt. will be followed for SEBC/SC/ST/DA/|ITI/IHSLC/ VHSE candidates.
  3. The Application Form supplied with this Prospectus is valid only for MANAGEMENT SEATS in Self Financing courses. (21 seats in each branch)
  4. Students applying for Government merit seats (30 seats ln each branch) under self-Financing courses have to send ON-LlNE applications as stipulated in the Prospectus for admission for 2018-19 issued by the Director of Technical Education.
  5. Seats under Government Merit will be filled up by the Director of Technical Education on the basis of the Rank List prepared.
  6. Application for Management Seats ore lo be submitted directly to the office of Self-financing
  7. Management seats and lapsed seats, if any under Government Merit seats, will be filled up by the College as per the provisions in the Prospectus.

For seats under management quota (30 seats per branch) the distribution of seats shall be as follows.

Branch Privilege Seats Open Seats Syro- Malabar Cathalics Syro-malankara Catholics LatinCatholics Dalit Christians Other Christians Total
Computer 9 12 3 1 2 1 2 30
Electronics 9 12 3 1 2 1 2 30
Automobile 9 12 3 1 2 1 2 30

Application shall be submitted ON-LINE through our web site and application fee of 200/- shall be remitted in Fedral Bank, Carmel Extn Centre, Punnapra A/C No.: 22560100004081.

Mode of Selection

The selection will be made on the basis of the candidate’s performance (grade) in Mathematics and Science (Physics, and Chemistry), in the qualifying examination. in addition to the grade obtained in individual subjects. For those candidates who have passed the qualifying examination under old scheme, marks will be converted to 9-point absolute scale grade.

Grade/Mark will be converted to points as mentioned below

Grade A+ A B+ B C+ C D+
% of Marks >=90 >=80 >=70 >=60 >=50 >=40 >=30
Points 9 8 7 6 5 4 3

The Total Grade Value will be calculated by adding all the points thus obtained

Calculation of Weighted Grade Point Average

Weighted Grade Value=Total Grade Value for Physics. Chemistry & Mathematics

Weighted Grade Point Average =Total Grade Value + 2 x (Weighted Grade Value)

Total No. of Subjects+2x(Total No. of subjects lo which weight age is given)

Rank list will be prepared on the basis of Weighted Grade Point Average.

ln the case of o tie in the Weighted Grade Point Average arrived as above, candidates with higher score in the weighted Grade Value (Total Grade Value for Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics) will be placed higher in the ranking; if there is still a tie, Candidates with higher score in Mathematics will be placed higher; if there is still a tie, Candidates with higher score in English will be placed higher. lf the tie still persists, age will be considered .

The Score declared by the Candidate in the application form will be considered for selection. Candidates should attach a copy of the score sheet of the qualifying examination along with the application form.

Selection of the candidates for interview for admission will be on the basis of information including that of marks furnished by the candidates in the application. So the candidates are advised to be careful while filling the application form.

Eligibility for admission shall be strictly as per Govt. norms.

Application Form

Application shall be submitted ON-LINE through our web site and application fee of 200/- shall be remitted in Fedral Bank, Carmel Extn Centre, Punnapra A/C No.: 22560100004081.

 Submission Of Application

Application form duly filled up should reach the Principal, Carmel polytechnic College, Alappuzha-4 before 4 p.m. on 31-05-2018. The following true copies (attested by the candidate) of certificates should be attached with the Application form.

  • True copy of Mark – Sheet/Certificate of S.S.L.C. or equivalent examinations.
  • Copy of ON-LINE application submitted to the Govt.
  • Certificate from Parish Priest (for Christians only)
  • Bank Receipt

The original certificates should be presented to the Principal at the time of admission. They will be returned to the students only at the time of issue of T.C. Students are requested to keep sufficient number of attested copies of certificates for their use.

Fee Structure

Ist Year 2018-19

Fee Details
Tuition Fee 37000
Admission Fee 200
Special Fee 1300
Registration Fee 1500
Amenities 350
Caution Deposit 5000*
Interest Fee 10000*

* Refundable on the completion of the course only

2nd Year & III rd Year( 2019-20 & 2020-21)

Fee Details
Tuition Fee 37000
Special Fee 2150
Amenities 350

Fee once paid by a candidate will not be refunded under any circumstances. In case of discontinuance of study after closure of admission, the student will have to remit fee for the entire course for the issue of T.C and he/she will not be eligible for refund of caution deposit and interest free deposit.

Hostel :- Hostel facility is available for both boys in the Campus.


First Semester: Students with A+ grade (marks 90% and above )in all subjects in Xth standard- 50% concession in tuition fee for First Semester.

Second to Sixth Semester: Students with ‘S’ grade in all subjects in the previous semester-50% concession in tuition fee.

Students with A grade or above in all subjects in the previous semester-25% concession in tuition fee

Mechanism for Grievance Redressal

As per F’ No’ 37-3/Legal/2012 of AICTE Regulations 2012, a Grievance Redressal Committee is constituted with Fr. Kunjumon Job as convenor to redress the complaints of students regarding admissions contrary to the declared admission policy of the college, excess fee collections beyond the specified fee in the prospectus., harassment and victimization of students etc.

Curbing the meance of ragging in AICTE approved technical institutions

As per Advt. No. AR/05(04)2012′ to curb the menace of ragging, an Anti-Ragging committee with Fr. Kunjumon Job as convenor’ an Anti Ragging squad with warden as convenor and professional counselors are constituted in the college.

As per the Provisions of Anti-Ragging verdict of the Hon’able supreme court of India and as per AICTE Regulations. every student admitted to the college has to give an undertaking in the prescribed format against ragging and the same is to be endorsed by the parent or guardian of the student.

Other Conditions

  • lf any information given in the application by the candidate is found to be false on verification at the time of interview or even at a later stage, the candidate will, forfeit his / her claim for admission.
  • The list of candidates called for interview will be published. individual memos will also be sent to the candidates
  • The candidates called for interview should report before the principal with the originals of all the documents at the time and date specified for interview. failing which he/she will forfeit his/her claim for admission.
  • The candidate seeking admission to the polytechnic college will have to abide by the rules and regulations issued by the college from time to time
  • Any form of ragging is strictly prohibited and it is a punishable offense.

Chavara  Cell

The Chavara cell,a unit for placement and training, provides placement opportunities for final year students about 30-35 companies from India and abroad conduct interviews in our campus for placement.